Lusha Beauty can help keep your skin balanced all year round using the extremely nourishing Dr Spiller range.

Express Fresh Facial

A highly effective facial which is ideal for time restricted clients. Its a perfect introduction to facials or great to use ‘in-between’ more in depth facials to just give your skin a quick pick me up. Includes use of professional Dr Spiller products which are customised to your skins needs. Cleanse, exfoliation, short massage and finish with a hydrating mask,  nourishing moisturiser and eye cream. Collagen ampule infusion can be added at an extra cost.

Duration 35mins

Deep Cleanse Facial

A deep exfoliating facial  to refine skin, unclog pores and brighten complexion. Deep Cleanse incorporates the express fresh facial as well as a double exfoliating treatment. Using Organic, all natural enzymes which are worked into the skin under a facial steam to gently remove dead skin cells and brighten the skin. Extractions can be performed if desired, followed by an in depth massage and hydrating mask. Finished with moisturiser and eye cream. Microdermabrasion or Collagen ampule infusion can be added at an extra cost.

Duration: 1 hour

Collagen Regenerative Facial

The Supreme Performance of the Collagen Fleece Mask will improve the elasticity, restructure damaged skins, smooth lines and wrinkles, soothe and hydrate. Creating an immediate ‘WOW’ result. This facial incorporates the Deep Cleanse facial with the added collagen Ampule infusion and collagen fleece mask which leaves the skin feeling plump and hydrated. Perfect for use before big events to give your skin an extra little boost.

Duration: 1hr 15mins

For current facial prices please visit our price list.

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